We moved to Hawaii!

Hi guys!

  So after years of wishful thinking, we finally made our way back to Hawaii! We moved in the last couple of days of December with our little crew and it’s been great overall but we’ve definitely had our challenges! We’ve been SLOWLY unpacking (emphasis on slowly) and just trying to get back into our family rhythm. Rafael started work and thankfully we found a place that’s only about a mile from his job. The boys school is right across the street and they are THRIVING! They absolutely LOVE the Aloha spirit that everyone showed them when they started school and everyone has just been so kind. It’s definitely helped the boys transition (the beaches and pool haven’t hurt either!). 

These pictures were taken when we decided to walk around Waikiki and found our way to the famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was our first time there and definitely a beautiful Hotel. We even had lunch at the Mai Tai Bar where we enjoyed, what else…Royal Mai Tai’s! It was such a fun and beautiful day with the kids. 

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