Kualoa Regional Park Family Photo Session

Imagine walking onto a gorgeous Hawaiian beach and having the privilege of photographing an incredibly sweet family with a completely adorable baby girl!

That my friends, was my job recently when I was lucky enough to be entrusted with the Tim and Julie’s Family Photos! After 15 years of marriage, I was the first photographer that they’ve ever hired for a portrait session. It’s truly such an honor! Kualoa Regional Park is a total dream.

My goal was to create a fun and relaxing environment and capture their love and joy in an honest way. My friend Julie is not only incredibly intelligent, confident, and beautiful, she’s also truly kind and warm.

Also, can we just talk about Lucia for a moment? She is SO CUTE and just the calmest and sweetest baby! I loved getting to meet her.

Photographing Tim, Julie, and Lucia in Kualoa Regional Park was the PERFECT place for them, the sky was perfectly overcast (trust me guys, that’s actually really good!), it wasn’t crowded, and it was just a gorgeous and fun evening!

Helpful tip: They actually brought their nieces to help during the photo session which was brilliant! It really enabled us to capture so many photos of Tim and Julie alone. That’s something that I believe is SO IMPORTANT during a portrait session. A beautiful marriage is the foundation of a family. Being able to photograph them so beautifully was a highlight of the session (okay, the real highlight was getting to hold Lucia! She’s just a perfect baby!).

Tim and Rafael have been friends since High School and I actually met him and Julie at Lucia’s baby shower and was so excited to meet them and all of their family and friends. Ana and Lucia are almost the same age so it’s really fun to get the baby girls together while I get to talk to Julie!

Tim and Julie,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your beautiful and sweet family! I truly enjoyed photographing so many sweet moments between the 3 of you. I’m also really excited to have documented Lucia’s first time in the sand! Your love for her and each other is so clear. It was so special for me to spend that time with your family.


kuala ranch

Kualoa Regional Park

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