Kang Family Sunrise Photo Session in Sunset Beach Park

Sometimes, the sky is too perfect, the family is too beautiful, the sand is too soft, and the ocean is too serene. The morning of the Kang family photo session was one such as this. The sky changed from gray to blue and white and then as if by magic, to the prettiest blue with orange/pink clouds of sunrise that I’ve ever seen. I was in awe and delighted that I had my camera and a sweet family on a morning such as this!

When Michelle contacted me for their session, she mentioned that she’d like to bring a kite and asked what I thought about that as a prop. Well, of course I was really excited to try it because I love me a good prop! We weren’t sure how to incorporate it when we started but after some playing around, I’m quite giddy with what we were able to capture!

Michelle and Jim,

It was so great to meet you and I am delighted with your photos! Thank you so much for trusting me with these photos from your family vacation and I hope that you are always able to keep these and look back on them fondly! I’m so happy that I was able to meet your beautiful baby girl and spend some time with you guys! The photos of your baby girl with Jim and the kite are so special to me because they really demonstrate such a special daddy-daughter relationship! I hope that you enjoyed your time here in Hawaii and wish you all nothing but wonderful times in the future!


Sunset Beach-002.jpg

“Ka lā hiki ola.” (The dawning of a new day.)

Sunset Beach-001.jpg

Sunset Beach-021.jpg

Sunset Beach-008.jpg

Sunset Beach-012.jpg

Live, love, aloha.

Sunset Beach-035.jpg

Sunset Beach-041.jpg

Sunset Beach-042.jpg

Sunset Beach-045.jpg

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