7 Days to Picture-Perfect. How to Prep for a Photo Shoot and avoid stress.

Hello friends!

  I’m so excited to finally share this quick start guide to getting your perfect images without all of the stress and hassle on the day of your session. 

Below you’ll find a one-week timeline that you can use to ensure none of the important details are missed while providing an easy list that can be done in only a few minutes per day.

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·      7 Days before your session: Book your appointment with your Hair and Makeup artist

o   A professional artist can not only ensure that you look and feel incredible during your session, but I find that the little bit of extra pampering helps add a little more luxury to the day!

·      6 Days before your session: Focus on those pearly whites!

o   At home whitening kits work wonders and help add a little bit of confidence to that smile for photos you’ll love!

·      5 days before your session: Decide what everyone is wearing, ensure all clothing, shoes, and accessories fit and look great.

o   If you have everything decided by today, you’ll avoid the stress, pressure, and indecisive panic that will dull even the best location and lighting.

·      4 days before your session: Look at the driving distance

o   Speaking of fabulous locations, today would be a great day to ensure the driving distance from your home or hotel to the venue J Some locations are a bit longer of a drive than you’d expect with traffic!

·      3 days before your session: Relax! 

o   You need a break! J

·      2 days before your session: Eyebrow waxing, hairstyle, and makeup look decided

o   Any last minute grooming needs such as haircuts, eyebrows, eyelashes, manicures, and pedicures

·      The Day before your session: Drink lots of water, pack snacks, and discuss any bribes you’ll need to make!

o   Sometimes, a little package of tic-tacs, skittle’s, or even offering a “post-session treat” can help provide positive reinforcement for little ones to give a quick smile.

·      The big day! Woo-hoo!: Ensure you rest and relax and that your kiddos nap on time! LOL! 

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So there you have it friends! A quick little timeline to help you during the week of your session! 

I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.

— Oprah Winfrey

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