Oahu Waterfall Session and My April Reading List

Happy April Friends!

I can’t believe that we’re finally starting the second quarter of 2020! I mean, the year’s already been filled with so much fear and numerous obstacles. I know that right now, most of us feel scared, emotionally drained, and/or just frustrated with everything going on. Well, it’s tough to just say, “everything is going to be okay” when the truth is, so many of us are dealing with so much right now. Instead i’ll say this, we can use this time, lessons, and obstacles as opportunities. Opportunities for personal growth, quality time with those we love, and professional development.


Prior to all of this mayhem, I was able to work with some incredibly talented people for a very special couple, we hiked to a waterfall and created some romantic and beautiful photos. I’ve been waiting for

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However, I did a little poll on my Instagram stories recently and over 80% of you were so excited for March to be over and April to begin! I for one was a little nervous about what the remainder of 2020 had in store for us but am choosing to be intentional about howI use this time and pray for the safety of everyone affected by the current pandemic.

I’ve chosen to focus inward this month towards my family, mindset, and goals. I’ve even saved room for a fun read that’s been on my list for MONTHS! I’m so excited to share all of these books with you and I’m hoping that you’ll join me as we work on all the things together!

April Reading List:

Alright friend, I hope you’ll join me this month as we accomplish our goals together of looking inward so we can come out of this month filled with joy, gratitude, and peace. I just started listening to “Ask” on Audible and I love it so far! I’m so excited to learn and love all of these amazing books!

Also, goal cast has an incredible Facebook page and this very morning, Dr. Shefali Tsabary gave an incredible 1 hour Q&A session that really helped shift my mindset regarding kids and working from home as well as parenting in general!

The link is here:


What books are on your shelf this month? Drop a message below so I can add to my list too 🙂

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