2022 Spring Reading List

Do you make a reading list every year?

I typically put mine in my planner every December for the following year and just pick them in order of my feelings! LOL! If I feel like reading about business, productivity, family, or health, I just make that one next!

So this year I’ve been slacking off on reading 😱. I’ve chosen to remedy that by picking my next 3 Books which I’ll be working through from late March until the end of May.

Disclosure: I do not buy physical books (with the exception of some cookbooks) because I’ve found that I typically read a book only one time and after working my way through Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” several years ago (which literally did change my life and I couldn’t recommend enough!), I’ve come to realize that owning a bunch of books is not really something that I want to manage.

I also tend to listen to everything on Audible and here’s why: I’m hella busy! LOL! Seriously though, between managing 4 kids and their schooling, martial arts, sports, eating (holy moly they eat so much) and everything else they need, my work and personal goals, and a recent cross-country move, it makes the most sense to me. And that’s okay friend! I can listen to a book while doing dishes, cooking, folding laundry, editing photos, driving, and even just going for a walk.

So friend, I hope this reading list inspires you to pick up a book (or download an Audible) and work your way through the Spring Season with hope and joy. I hope that you learn something new about the world or about yourself and that these books create a bit of happiness in your life!


spring reading list


Spring Reading List Choices

  1. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

For my first book, I chose a book that’s been on my reading list since LAST YEAR! It was recommended in a master mind I was in and thankfully I wrote it down. It was even recommended by my friend Katherine a few months later. So this season, I’m definitely going to spend more time focusing on my creativity and being grounded in art. I’m so excited about this one that I may just go crazy and check out a physical copy from the library! haha!


the artist's way book


2. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I am always fascinated by how people’s minds work. Aidan constantly tells me that I should study to be a psychologist (a career that for some reason, does not resonate with me at all). I do however find it interesting to learn about how and why we make the choices that we do. This book is right up that alley. I know it sounds like a snore to some but I can’t wait to dive into this gem!


the tipping point book


3. The Mindful Day by Laurie J. Cameron

Finally, my last book that I’ll be learning from is all about mindfulness. I spent an entire year (in 2018) working on being kinder to myself and more mindful of my needs. It was HARD! I was always taught (and still believe) that, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” And, while being productive and efficient are still so important, I also know that, “If you’re cranky, take a nap” isn’t just for kids! haha!


the mindful day book


So there you have it! I absolutely cannot wait until I read these books and implement the knowledge that is within them. I think you should pick one or two books for the season and let me know in the comments below! If you ever need (or have) recommendations, let me know. I LOVE talking about books! #nerdlifeforever




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