3 Best Bribery Treats for Kids Photos

As a family photographer and mom, I’m not above bribery (treats)…

Let me explain! 😂

I am a mama to 4 kids. Yes….4! And I absolutely love living in the sweet chaos and laughter that comes with having a big family.

I actually believe in family photos so much (especially, and most importantly) for kids to have them as memories when they grow up that I even find myself photographing separated and/or divorced spouses with their kids and even step-parent families with all the parents.

Not only do I have a lot of my own kids, working with families is such a beautiful gift that has taught me how much happy kids affect the overall look and feel of a family photo session. When kids are joyful, dancing, playing, and taking consistent breaks (the best time to use those bribery treats), your images will feel more authentic and full of love.

And don’t worry, I always make sure we get plenty of traditional, posed images with smiling faces 🙂 For our kids photos however, because I know my kids are a little on the wild side…these 4 kids just make me happy if all of their faces are facing the same general direction! haha!

So now, onto my list of bribery treats that you will LOVE to have up your sleeve!

Charleston family photos

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3 Best Bribery Treats for Kids Photos

  1. Tic-tacs. This is definitely for older kiddos because it’s a choking hazard. The reason I love these as photo session bribery treats is because they’re a powerful little burst of flavor and a tiny treat that you can’t see in photos and won’t stain clothes. It’s a win-win!
  2. Animal Crackers. These are a hit among the toddler set and a “neutral colored” treat! LOL! I love using animal crackers for a bribery treat because they come in such fun shapes that the kids get a great kick out of guessing which animal is on the cracker and we can have fun with animal sounds and jokes!
  3. Gummy Treats. These aren’t white/neutral but these bribery treats are chewy and small enough to chew between pictures. My favorite method for using these treats is to ask for a “2 more pictures” and then giving the little ones a short break to eat two or three of these little sweet treats.

charleston family photography

charleston family photos

bribery treats

charleston family photographer

charleston family photos

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