Meet Jailyn Untalan

photographer | Adventurer | dreamer 

I’m Jailyn, an adventure photographer on a mission to capture the authentic + carefree moments of beautiful relationships in uncommon places. 

It’s true that I have never been one to stay within the lines. Some might even call me an untamed woman with wild dreams. But when I look back over my life, it becomes apparent this is the path I was always on. 

It was only after serving 8 years in the Marine Corps that I set off on this adventure, forging a path in pursuit of my passion - a fire that had begun to burn within me many years ago. 

When I was six years old, I took my first pictures. With a disposable Kodak camera, I photographed my grandma’s very 80s kitchen - her Kenmore dishwasher, white tiled floor, and old brown refrigerator. I felt like I had created magic! ⠀

Looking through that plastic lens, I realized that a camera changes the way in which you can see and experience life. And six-year-old me wasn’t wrong. 
I am still inspired by everyday life and people, and the adventures we have together. 

The Unbeaten Path to Passion


An Adventure for the Ages

In 2017, Jailyn Untalan Photography was founded on the island of Oahu and eventually Southern California. No matter where we live, I have been fortunate enough to always be surrounded by breathtaking locales. 

In these places, I get to capture the creative styles and romantic escapades of adventurous souls and wild spirits

I’ve learned that getting to photograph relationships of all kinds brings together my skill, talent, and joy. 

I remain fascinated by the individuality and beauty of my clients. That’s why I’ll use your personality and feelings as the starting point for how your session flows and the types of images we create. 
I start at True North: who you are and who you love.

The Dreams of the Daring

Missing out on "joie de vivre" is one of my greatest fears, so I seek joy in every situation. For me, joy comes from family, photography, long beach days, and hikes into the mountains.

My goal for you is to capture the joy + beauty in your life for future generations because time is fleeting and memories are what matters most. I promise to do this with integrity and respect for your input. Working closely together ensures that we create your ideal images.

Whether you want me to create a dream photo shoot or capture the raw, organic moments of your elopement, I am up for the adventure.

An Adventurers “To Do” List

Get out in nature

Be present

Do something unexpected

Laugh and love as much as possible