Becoming a Disney Photographer

How does one become a Disney photographer? Is it enough to declare to the universe (and anyone reading your blog) that you are in fact, a Disney photographer? Maybe more of a, “hopefully someone books me as their Disney photographer?”

Well i’ll be honest friend, I took the first steps towards my dream when my husband and I, packed up or 4 kids and trekked them to Downtown Disney for a day of treats (lots and lots of treats) and feeling the joy that only Disney air can bring! (Seriously, do they just spray joy all over the place?)

Between all of the ‘staying home’ and social distancing, we’ve all felt the strain of our collective restraint brought on by a global pandemic that lasted much, much, longer than we ever imagined. That’s why, Disney is so important now!

Why do I want to be a Disney Photographer?

Well friend, let me tell you a story. I’ll try to be somewhat brief (I love context though! LOL)

When I was about 8 years old, my mom and dad saved FOREVER to take my little sister and myself to Disney World. My mom (who loves surprises) didn’t tell us a thing. We just knew that she had packed our clothes, our snacks, and our baby brother (who stayed with family because he was so little) and the two girls into the car and off we went.


I’ll be honest, I don’t remember too much about the details. I don’t know where we stayed, what we ate, or most of the rides we got on. I don’t remember what month we went (other than that I was wearing shorts), I don’t remember how long we were in the parks or even which parks we went to. I don’t remember what characters we saw, or what we watched throughout the days (except the fireworks).

What I remember is so much more important than those details.

I remember feeling thankful.

I remember feeling happy.

I remember the excitement.

The magic.

The feeling of limitless possibilities. Beyond my wildest dreams.

Being so excited that I forgot to eat, insisting that I wasn’t hungry but then quickly scarfing down whatever my mom brought me for lunch.

That trip changed my life.

That trip made me believe in magic.


Disney photographer with family
Day with a Disney Photographer


I still believe in magic.

I still believe in dreams.

I still believe that we are capable of more than we can imagine. In a world of our imagination with limitless possibilities.

I understand the delicate balance between saving up for a big trip and what those memories really mean to our children. What it will shape them into.

So, while being a Disney Photographer may only happen once in a while, I look forward to serving each and every family that wants to work with me!

Wild. Magic. Dreamers. Believers.

So that’s my big why. That’s why I want to photograph families, couples, and weddings in Disney. ALL THE DISNEYS!

Why you need to hire a professional Disney photographer

Let me know below, why do you love Disney?

Day in the life Disney photographer

Are you planning a trip to Disney World for 2022?

Check out their vacation planning guide here!


And then head back here to see if i’m available for your date and we can create something magical together!

I can’t wait!

I cannot wait to share a special day with your family and be the Disney Photographer that captures such an epic day!

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