Family Photo Sessions and a little more about me!

Oh hey there! For those who have been here a while, thanks for stickin’ around! And for the newbies, welcome to the party! I have of course, included some beautiful images below from one of my favorite sessions! Below, you’ll also find that I tried something a bit different, I hope you learn a little something new about me today.

How about we do this like a game show lightning round?

Name: Dora Z.

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Best feature: She’s so stinking sweet and kind

Favorite Person: Her nephew pictured with her!

How long I’ve known her: 10 years (almost)

What brought her to Hawai’i: Family vacation 🙂

So there we go friends, a new and fun way to view a blog 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this!


I absolutely cannot wait to meet up again in California! We definitely need to grab dinner and have some fun.



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