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Hi Friends!

It’s April! Can you believe it?! We’re already a week into this month and friends, I know that right now, life looks SO DIFFERENT than what we expected our Spring to be like this year but I think we will get through this and come out with a cleaner Earth, more gratitude in our hearts, and a deeper love for social interaction! LOL! I typically LOVE Spring and it’s been a challenge to miss out on my annual Easter Brunch, long beach days, and sunset photos of my amazing clients but life has presented a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth. It’s all about mindset (and naps have helped too! haha!)

Well, this is what life looked like for the first quarter of 2020!

I was a part of an incredible mastermind in the beginning of the year, part of the lessons were that we practiced having intense focus for 12 weeks at a time. With that spirit in mind, January through March I chose to focus on only 3 main categories (don’t worry, I had my hands more than full) 

They were:

1: The structure and business end of my little dream! 

I’ve made SO MUCH progress in terms of being aware of and more informed about a lot of things but there’s still so much more work for me to do in order to get my business where I’d like. To be honest though, I know that almost every business owner is in a perpetual state of growth, development, and knowledge implementation so I may be in this phase of life forever but I just love it so much!



2: Organizing and de-cluttering my home! 

I bought, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” By Mari Kondo over 3 (yes, OVER THREE) years ago and finally finished it! I honestly cannot believe it’s been that long but it’s been by my bedside or on a bookshelf for so, so, so long and I’ve definitely started but abandoned my mission when I found out I was expecting Isaac and several times since but I chose not to overwhelm myself with a crazy schedule or timeline and instead, gave myself 3 whole months to get through the entire process. I honestly feel SO GOOD about it and even got to the stage where I was able to give the book to a neighbor. That’s like a HUGE step in the process and so exciting! 

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3. The Total Money Makeover!

So this one is challenging to discuss because no one likes to air out their dirty laundry but in the hopes that it helps one of my incredible friends, I am just going to say it! We had a behavior pattern that was not conducive to long-term wealth! Alright, there…I said it, too much spending was going on over here. I had spoken about this a bit on my IG stories because growing up, speaking about money and finances was never a taboo subject in our home. I was allowed to ask and we openly discussed how much things cost, how much income was brought in, and how to save but financial management and education wasn’t understood and therefore, not taught. Well it’s taken a while to get on the road of financial literacy and we’re taking it one baby step at a time! 


So, that’s it friends, those were my hard won victories (and big secrets) for those first few months of the year. They took all my time and were challenging but I feel great now that I get to move onto something else! Stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll share my new goals and priorities for the second quarter of 2020!

See you back here on Wednesday!


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