How to plan your favorite mini session

I have a special spot in my heart for the gorgeous and sweet Heidi! She is currently studying to be a nurse and is as warm and kind as she is gorgeous! I met her when I was shooting a series of mini sessions and when she booked me for a second time, I was honored! 

The fun thing is that both times have been styled mini sessions so I thought the today would be great to talk about 🙂


How To Plan Your Favorite Mini Session!

Today we’ll have a fun chat about

– Mini Session Seasons and styles

– Styling and prep for your mini session

– How to book your perfect mini session

Now, you’ll never miss out on the opportunity to have a fun and stress-free mini session again!

Hilton head boudoir photographer


“Time crawls when you are bored; walks when you are occupied; runs when you are busy; but flies when you are having fun.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


beaufort mini sessions


One big way that I notify my past, present, and future clients of mini sessions is through my Instagram account!

Not following?


They usually sell out within a few days so this is one of the best ways to get put on notice!


Beaufort Mini Sessions


Mini Session Seasons and Styles!


Throughout the year, there’s always at least one great reason to host a mini session but unfortunately, due to the time constraints of arranging mini sessions, I usually only host them about 4 times a year. They’re so much more affordable for our clients and a fun way to get a taste of what a full session would be like. They’re also really great for those fun seasonal images that you’ll cherish forever!

1. Spring! A fun, joyful mini session in the Spring is usually a great way to start the warm months off right! The best time for these is April! I love taking clients to the beach and just having the classic and easy beach photos that they can hang on their home all year and the best part? The beaches aren’t overly crowded yet so you’ll be relaxed and comfortable for your shoot!

2. Mother’s Day! Let’s be honest, it’s usually the mommas that want the photos which is why gifting yourself (or your mom) with a Mother’s Day mini is the best way to celebrate how beautiful the motherhood journey is! What i’ve found is the best way to do this? Give a gift card ON mother’s day and get dolled up and ready for photos a couple of weeks later! Now that’s what I call a win-win!

3. Fall! Is there literally anything better or more popular than Fall mini’s? I don’t think so! It’s such a beautiful time of year, there’s so much freshness and excitement in the air and can we just talk about those gorgeous fall colors for a minute? I mean the reds, oranges, and yellows of Fall are just too good! This year I’m planning on something really special that may be a bit of a drive but the apple picking and colors are just too perfect! Those dates are released in September for the perfect shoot in early October!

4. Christmas! These are usually the most desired ones to create special seasonal images that will truly build and preserve special memories for your family. They’re so fun, sweet and warm and I always have a different theme! So, what am I planning this year? Well I guess you will have to stick around and find out in late October when they’re released! Why so early you ask? Well friends, booking them in October means that we’ll shoot them in November and have them ready for delivery in early December! 

BONUS: themes or styles that I find which work for cool and fun venues such as this Floral Tub mini session day that was beyond beautiful!

South Carolina Mini Sessions



Styling and Prep for your mini session


Okay, now that you know WHEN to expect mini sessions and can plan on the overall flow of a year, I’ll keep this part super easy 🙂 

● I will send over an email with all the deets! Location, your booking time, parking information, and when your suggested arrival time should be (typically about 10 minutes prior to your session)

● Styling is also easy because I will send over a short and sweet little guide with suggestions on what to wear and how to plan for hair and make-up!

● I know prepping for a photo session can get a bit stressful which is something I try to avoid for my clients at all costs before and during their scheduled shoot! I also send over some quick prep tips for families to prevent any meltdowns!

    -Want to know one of the tips right now? Well friend it’s easy HYDRATE! Healthy and happy skin always photographs well!


lowcountry mini sessions


How to book your mini session!

Alright friends, so you’re in Southern California, you are ready to get some great photos and get a sample of what it’s like to work with me but don’t know where to start? Read below for the quick run-down on how to book your premium mini session!

Step 1. Join my email list to be the first to know! 

-Bonus: You’ll also get 5 Unexpected tips to help you prepare for WOW photos (because no one wants MEH…photos!

You can also 

-Follow me on Instagram:

-Follow me over on my Facebook page:

Step 2. Reach out immediately for a spot once they’re released! I can’t wait to photograph you and I definitely want you to make it onto the schedule so when I release dates, i’ll also let you know how to book. Reach out, pay the session fee and sign that contract and BOOM, you’re BOOKED! YAY!

That’s literally it! It’s quick, easy, and painless!


beaufort mini sessions



Alright friends! I hope this helps you know the rundown booking a mini session! I’m hoping you learned that it’s not only fun and easy but you will get all the information on:

– Mini Session Seasons and styles

– Styling and prep for your mini session

– How to book your perfect mini session

Now, you’ll never miss out on the opportunity to have a fun and stress-free mini session again!

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, i’ll see you on the ‘gram or on Facebook (but hopefully on my email list)!





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