Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am celebrating the start of Spring and enjoying the newborn sessions that I photograph in my studio.

When I first became a photographer, I always pictured myself as a newborn photographer. My plan was to capture those fleeting moments when your baby is a newborn. Helping both parents and babies feel comfortable and loved through this experience. Creating a restful and joyful photography experience for exhausted parents and newborns.

Those first 10-14 days when they’re tiny, new, and sleep more than they’re awake are irreplaceable. It’s like the universe knows that new moms need this time to heal and recover and dads need this time to rest and support their partners.

The miracle of life is found in the family.

newborn lifestyle session


The exhaustive, hungry, worried moments of those first days; when you’re a mess of joy and fear, elated and exhausted, wishing you could just look at them all day long and hold them all night even if your body tells you that you too, need rest. Those days are magic.

I envisioned creating work that was inspired by Anne Geddes. Ornate and grand. Becoming a family photographer was just the first step into niching down into newborns.

As I grew as a person and photographer, I found my own way. A different path. Creating a different but beautiful body of work. Surprisingly, it was not that of a newborn posing specialist, as glamorous as that work is.

Rather, through growing as a mother and a person, learning about myself and what’s true to me. Discovering what I find to be truly beautiful and “frame-worthy”. My idea of perfection has changed. Developing my own voice has informed the kind of work that I want to create. Genuine and joyful. Warm and authentic.

I now know that lifestyle photos are so perfect because they’re genuine. The simplicity of a wrapped up or bare bottomed newborn is perfect just as they are.


at home newborn session

Meet Aria

I was so excited to photograph this sweet baby girl! She’s such a doll, I just can’t get enough of her cute little cheeks!

This beautiful baby girl belongs to my friends and neighbors and I’m just so happy that I was able to capture this special moment for them.

Photographing this sweet baby girl in the beginning of the beautiful life I know she’ll have is a gift. A lot of photographers joke about being, “time-stoppers” but it’s so true. When else will you ever have this moment, with this baby, being this young?


newborn lifestyle session


To book your newborn session all I need is the retainer and your due date. As a mom of 4, I know that babies almost never come on their due date which is why you’ll receive so much flexibility with this booking!

Just let me know your due date and i’ll leave some availability for dates that fall in that window of time. Once the little one is born, we’ll finalize the date and you don’t have to worry about rescheduling anything.

I photograph newborns in your home or my at home studio Tuesdays-Thursdays so there will always be a date available for you.

Booked a maternity session with me? As a gift I offer a gift of an 11×14 print for your newborn session.

To learn more about newborn session, contact me 🙂


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