Quarterly Goals, my small changes.

Hi friends,

If you tuned in earlier this week, you saw/read the small changes I made in Quarter 1 of 2020 which have all accumulated to BIG RESULTS in my life! I’m so excited to have put in the work and am now actively working on my Quarter 2 Goals…even amidst a global pandemic!

So friends, this brings me to this quarters top 3 focus items and I’m SOOOOOOOO EXCITED to do the work this quarter! I just know that so many positive changes lie ahead and within.


1. Health and fitness.

I have all the apps, cookbooks, and workout gear. To be honest, I even have a blender AND fruit! LOL! What I lacked was the motivation and desire to do any of the things that I know I should be doing for my health. I usually give myself a very big grace period after having a baby (like a whole year) before I even worry about trying to be a certain size or anything but this time, baby number 4 really wore me out and I just needed some extra time. I won’t apologize or make excuses. I love bagels and wine. Full stop. LOL! However, I know that when I make better food choices and exercise, I feel better. That’s why this month my goal is to get activity every day. My top choices will be yoga, walking, and dancing (Salsa)  I’m also going to consciously work on increasing my water, fruit and veggie intake. 

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2. Living more sustainably 

This is something that’s always been in my heart but I’ve not really found it feasible to implement until now! In honor of Earth Day, I saved this for the second quarter of 2020 and as a family we’ve begun making substitutions that will hopefully have a positive (or at least neutral) environmental impact. These are the things we’re already implementing or will be by the end of the month. I know that there’s so much more we could do but we’re definitely far from perfect and need to make lasting changes, those take longer to occur but we will do it!

· this companies mission is to create personal hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash that are carbon neutral and eliminate the need for single-use plastics with these products. 

·      Reusable shopping bags (which is super easy in Hawaii because you have to purchase bags separately) so we’re used to not using bags and it’s kind of a waste to use single-use bags for shopping.

·      Reusable produce bags: this is something that I think is huge because we eat a lot of veggies and not having to throw away so many little bags is a big deal. It’s so bad for the environment and these reusable bags are definitely the solution.

·      Glass straws by: are my FAVORITE thing. They come in thin and thick (for smoothies and shakes) sizes and are just amazing for everything, never have a weird taste, and best of all, you can make sure they’re clean because they’re transparent! Win-Win!

·      No more wrapping paper, in japan they use fabric, I was highly inspired by this tradition of Furoshiki which is the custom of wrapping gifts in reusable fabric. We’re doing this for birthdays and Christmas this year and I’m so excited!

·      Now, let’s talk about our home cleaning situation! We mop…A LOT! I was so enamored with the ease and freshness of Swiffer because it really eliminates the need for reusing yucky mop heads (which is gross!). My husband and I lived in a constant state of disagreement because I was on team Swiffer and he was on team mop. Enter the O-Cello! I know that it isn’t exactly revolutionary to some but it’s been the best thing ever for us. No more single use Swiffer and best of all, no more throwing yucky mops away because I toss the heads in the washer after I’m done, which brings me to…

·      Cleaning rags! I know it’s not a glamourous name or anything but we stopped using paper towels for the windows and wooden furniture and just started using fabric to clean and we’re never looking back! Plus, these get washed right away and go into their little bin so I don’t ever run out of cleaning cloths.

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3. Building and nurturing relationships

 This one sounds like a silly one to some but it’s something that I have a multi-faceted approach to 🙂

The first, very best one is my relationship with my children. I’m focusing on reading “The Conscious Family” by Dr. Shefali Tsabury this quarter and implementing her teachings into the way we manage our family and approach our children. We also bought them a trampoline which should help burn some energy and keep us sane throughout the duration of our quarantine!

The second relationship is my marriage of course! This June, Rafael and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and thankfully, we still are each others favorite people! That being said, I believe in the importance of dating your spouse (even if it’s just sitting on the porch, drinking beer (him) or prosecco (me) and talking, laughing, and dreaming together. It’s all important (and honestly, after 10 years and 4 kids, nothing says a perfect date more than being relaxed and having genuine joy.

Another relationship I’m nurturing is with my clients! So I guess this is a multiple person relationship but it is so important to me! I’m taking this time during quarantine to think of ways in which I could better serve my clients and deliver an even more amazing client experience! I’ve already been planning, dreaming, and goal-setting and I cannot wait to show future clients what’s in store!

Last but certainly not least, my girl-squad! Made up of fellow business owners, dreamers, and those with genuine hearts, I plan on joining more groups, rebuilding my mastermind, and spending more time living and laughing with women that inspire me, make me laugh, and bring me joy. I’m beyond excited for these new moments 🙂


xo, Jailyn

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