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Today I’m sharing my Summer Reading List with you! (Okay, it’s my Summer Audible list, but it still counts! haha)

I have to admit, I just love books SO MUCH! Unfortunately, the time constraints of running a very full home, being a military spouse, and running a thriving business are pretty intense. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously wouldn’t have it any other way. I thrive on a schedule, working with my fun clients, being busy, and keeping my life moving forward but, that leaves me little time to sit and actually READ a book. Okay, let’s be honest, I could read instead of binge Netflix at 10:00pm! However, I am a firm believer in balance. I spend the vast majority of my time on task and I just need to spend that little bit of down-time just unplugging my brain and getting down with Criminal Minds! Which by the way, I know it ended but I’ve resumed the series and may have a small addiction on my hands!

All that being said, I do spend a bit of time listening to audiobooks. They’re especially great when I’m doing household chores, driving, and hanging out with my kids in the backyard (okay, fine, I also bring my earbuds to the grocery store and listen while I shop)! So, this leaves me with a perfect opportunity to spend several hours per week ‘listening’ to a book. I just love to learn, soak it all in, and really have time to think about new ideas, opinions, and stories! I mean, I am a visual storyteller after all! Unique and interesting perspectives, thoughts, ideas, and creations are always appreciated here.

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to read an incredible book. Whether the long days see you lounging by a pool, on a sandy beach, in a lawn-chair or hammock, or just walking through the grocery store aisles, here are the books that I’ll be absorbing this Summer!

  1. Untamed by Glennon Doyle…okay listen, I read this one already but it’s a MUST READ because it’s utterly incredible. I spent a lot of time crying tears of empowerment here and I just know that you will love this book.

  2. Lands of Lost Borders by Kate Harris: I started this one previously, got distracted, and will resume again this summer 🙂

  3. Free to Focus : I (may or may not but definitely do) need a little bit of help with the whole entire focusing portion of my life! I cannot wait to see if this helps!

  4. Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes : This one has been on my list for a while so I’m really excited to dive in

  5. The Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Petersen: this one is an Audible Original so you’ll need a subscription for this quick listen audiobook but i’m excited to listen in 🙂

  6. We are not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas: I’ll be honest, this is one that I read last Summer and I just loved it so much and wanted to share it with you! I went through all the feelings with the author and, because I was listening instead of holding the book in my hands, I was SHOCKED when I realized it was written by a man because the lead character is a woman. It’s a must read/listen!

I want to know, what’s your favorite way to read? As you know, I couldn’t live without my Audible subscription. I’d love to know what books I should add to my “listen/read” list!

So there you have it friends! If you see me walking along the grocery store aisles with earbuds this Summer, the chances are very high that i’ll be listening to one of these books!


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