Sweet Family of Four Photo Session. Beach and Mountains of Oahu.

This sweet family of four wanted to be photographed with both the gorgeous Hawaiian ocean and mountains nearby. It’s just one of the reasons that I love Kualoa Beach Park for family photo sessions. Although I couldn’t capture official “newborn photos” due to COVID precautions, I truly believe that these images were worth the wait! Like most things in life, I truly believe that everything ultimately works out for the best and it was a privilege to capture the first official family photos of the Lansdell family as a party of four!

Bringing a new baby home is always such a blessing and I know that during these challenging times, meeting your baby is exciting but also a little scary. Luckily, we’re in Hawaii where (compared to other parts of the US) the numbers have remained significantly lower than in many states. Being here has allowed us to maintain some semblance of normalcy during these difficult times and we’ve been able to enjoy the beautiful mountains, soft sand, and calm waters of Oahu. It’s truly such a beautiful place to call home and a safe(r) place to weather this storm.

I still remember arriving to the location on this day and being nervous and excited about the weather. So few people know this but cloudy, overcast days are the best for photo sessions. The soft, even light is fantastic for skin tones and so beautiful in Hawaii where beaches are the preferred venue for photos. On this day, it was beautifully overcast (with a threat of rain) which made for the perfect photography conditions. We had such a great time because the young lady pictured here was so fun to talk to and kept me engaged in conversation for the duration of our photo session. It’s so fun getting to know all of my clients, especially the littlest ones and between bows, snacks, and princesses, we had a lot to talk about!

Lansdell Family,

It was such an incredible privilege meeting the four of you! I truly loved talking about how awesome Hawaii is and learning about your sweet family that day. I hope that the four of you continue to be blessed with health, love, and laughter and many more days of Aloha.



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The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

— George Santayana



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