Exploring Downtown Honolulu

As we’ve been exploring Downtown Honolulu, we’ve been seeing so many interesting and new places. Our family is just elated to be here. One reason that I found this area is actually because of my work.

After following the advice of my photography mentors, I recently joined the Rising Tide society. My first meeting was in the stunning Aloha Next Ward Village. The area is gorgeous and features a garden, a pool, and a breathtaking view. We were able to enjoy this space as guests of a fellow member. It made me really want to move down to that building! LOL!

Unfortunately, we can’t get back into the building (something about it being a private residence 🙂 But I really wanted to show Rafael and the boys the incredible pool that hangs over the side of the building. You can actually see it from across the street so it was a fun goal to try and “find it” again. Enjoying the neighborhood in downtown Honolulu was a big goal for us.

That afternoon we decided to spend a few fun hours exploring downtown Honolulu. In the arts district we found the Franky Fresh Cereal Cafe which was awesome! They make cereal milkshakes! It was so much fun to listen to the music and I got an awesome picture that I’m just crazy about! 

We also spent time driving through the little streets and enjoying the murals painted all over the walls of the streets. I’m so thankful to that these artists chose to share their creations with us. Enjoying the work of others and the beautiful weather just go hand in hand in downtown Honolulu.

We ended the day at Kolowalu Park so that the kids could stretch their legs before returning home (you know that “long” drive back to Ewa Beach! LOL). 

downtown honolulu
downtown honolulu
downtown honolulu
downtown honolulu

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