Kahana Bay Sunset Session – Sean & Jossel

“What do you do in the Navy?” is one of the first questions that I asked Sean after commenting on how beautiful and PERFECTLY dressed Jossel was for our session! His reply horrified me, “I work in submarines”. “SUBMARINES, oh no!” Those are quite literally the SCARIEST things that I can image! Claustrophobia, a lack of fresh oxygen, an inability to get out of it, no wi-fi! I mean, this is some scary stuff guys! But, he volunteered for this and really likes it. Thankfully, I was able to photograph Jossel, Sean, and G. right before Sean went into the submarine for a deployment which will have him underwater for about 4 months.

This session was so beautiful, the sun was perfect, and we really had so much fun capturing these moments. Sean & Jossel are recently engaged and will be getting married next year which I’m so excited for! They are so sweet and they are just the types of people that make me love my job!

Sean & Jossel,

It was so incredible to meet you both and I cannot wait to capture more of your memories! I know that being separated is so difficult and as a military spouse myself, I can relate to the long days and loneliness that we all feel when our partners deploy. You guys will get through this soon and be able to start planning your wedding which I am thrilled to be a part of and cannot wait to photograph all of your milestones and celebrations! I still cannot believe that Sean works in a submarine because I’d really rather do anything than that! Thank you so much for volunteering to do something so scary and for all that you do for our country.

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