Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Lovebird Session-Kate & Joe

Have you ever met someone, by chance, that you truly feel you were meant to be friends with? Last month in Japan, I had that very encounter with the incredible Kate of and when my family met her and her husband, we just felt like we’d been friends for years!

It was supposed to be perfectly cloudy with the last bit of morning rain ending before we even started shooting for the day. I was supposed to be the best day of the week for a session. I was supposed to start raining again later in the afternoon. No. No. And no. We shot through sprinkles of rain and ducked for cover during showers! We laughed and chatted about Japanese food, getting lost on metros, and moving a business from one place to another when you have military orders. We tried to keep our gear dry as we shot and stood in disbelief as the rain came to a COMPLETE stop the second we were done! I left with great images, fond memories, and new friends!

Kate & Joe,

Thank you so much for coming all the way into Tokyo to meet with us, laugh with us, and run in the rain with us! Meeting you guys was definitely a highlight of the trip for Rafael and I! I’m obsessed over our photos and how you captured our family in such a beautiful and authentic way! We really hope to meet with you guys again next time we’re in Japan and please let me know when you’re in Hawaii so we can do the same thing over here 🙂

Your Friend,


Shinjuky Gyoen Garden-010.jpg

Shinjuky Gyoen Garden-007.jpg

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Shinjuky Gyoen Garden-027.jpg

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Shinjuky Gyoen Garden-020.jpg

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Shinjuky Gyoen Garden-014.jpg

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