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Today I’d like to share some photos that I took of the beautiful Gia! I think that these are some of my favorite photos. The sun was just beautiful and we were able to take quite a few photos during her scheduled time. This photo session was in my favorite spot, Iroquois Point Beach in Ewa Beach (city) on Oahu. I love this beach because it’s so isolated and there’s rarely anyone in the background! The sun sets so beautifully here too! I feel so lucky to have found such an unspoiled area of the island where the lighting, sand, ocean, and rocks photograph so well. I met Gia through a model call and was able to capture some gorgeous photos for her and her mom! I was so excited when I saw her step out of the car with this beautiful dress because it’s such a gorgeous color and the fabric billows in the breeze so beautifully. This type of dress is such a great option for your upcoming session.

As for me, it’s been a busy week. We’re moving onto base housing because 6 people & 1230 square feet just don’t work (well at least for us) haha! We’re really going to miss our neighbors and friends but we can’t wait to have a little more space so that the clutter will finally be put away. I’m also working on Ana’s nursery and am so excited to give her a sweet new room! Now the biggest problem I see is that I may never want to move!

That’s the funny thing about being a military wife, I actually joined the Marines because I wanted to move around and travel and now, after so many years of doing that, I’m getting tired! It also doesn’t help that we’re back in HAWAII! Seriously, how could I ever want to leave?!

What are some places that you wish you could stay forever?

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