Senior Portraits

Did you know that I do Senior Portraits? I just did a model call and these amazing teens came! It was so much fun to photograph these guys and I loved how each session was so different and their personalities really shined through! Brooklyn is the beauty in the yellow dress and floral crown and it was so fun to talk to her about her future plans (and the delicious food in NYC) and her mom is seriously amazing and I’m so happy that I got to meet her! And I’m so thrilled to be taking her baby sisters photos soon because this baby girl is too cute and sweet! I just can’t wait until her session and the family session with this amazing family (plus I love chatting with their mom)!

Caden is the awesome guy in the kilt and let me tell you that I jumped with excitement when his mom told me he’d be wearing a kilt to the session! I literally got on the phone immediately and called my sister to share my delight with her! When I took the photos I kept running to him and his mom to show them the back of the camera because between the kilt and the gorgeous sunset, it was almost too much! (Sometimes, I get a little too enthusiastic and it’s overwhelming if you’re not prepared for it! LOL!)

The next beautiful girl is Gianiel and she was just a dream to photograph. I originally had to reschedule her session date because for some reason, a giant, crazy storm hit on the morning of her session! Fortunately the very next day was gorgeous and we had all gotten electricity again! I’m so thankful that her an her mom stuck through it though because her photos just came out so gorgeous and her dress was perfect!

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If you’d like to participate in a fun future model call (which is reserved exclusively for awesome people!), follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of my future model calls and possibly get a chance to have your photos taken by me!


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