Sunflower Field in Oahu, Family Photo Session

There’s only a 12 day window to visit and photograph these gorgeous sunflowers at Waimanalo Country Farms ( and I’m beyond thankful that with the help of Cheyenne of Ever After Moments Hawaii ( I was able to photograph this gorgeous family during this months bloom! This was my first time at this garden and with the nearby mountains in the background, I was blown away with its beauty! It really is the perfect location for events and photos! This session was particularly exciting because my clients are also our family friends! TJ and Rafael have been friends since High School and his gorgeous wife Fran is so fun, warm, and kind, we became friends immediately! Their son is also really good friends with one of our boys so it’s just amazing to have spent time with them and been trusted to capture their family photos and enjoy the sunflowers together! I just can’t

My grandmother taught me to love nature and although I love flowers so much, I’ve never been in a field of sunflowers before. When the opportunity to use this venue came up, Fran told me that she’s always wanted photos in a field of sunflowers so the two of us jumped at the opportunity and quickly put together a session for 2 1/2 days later! She’s just amazing because within such a short time span, she was able to coordinate these fantastic styles for her family and even brought back-ups just in case. She came SO prepared too, not only were they a very well dressed family, but she even brought props! The hat and glass ball made a HUGE impact with the photos and we were able to really have fun with them during the session! Another thing that I have to mention is how in love these two are! I LOVE photographing married couples so much because I think that a great marriage is the foundation of a family and watching them interact with each other and their son made it so clear that there really is so much happiness and love between them.

TJ and Fran,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your memories! You two are so kind, fun, and amazing. I loved photographing you and spending some time documenting your love for each other and your sweet boy. Fran, I can’t get over how amazing it is when you start talking in Brazilian and I know you means business but Portuguese sounds so beautiful. You’re also completely unafraid of bees which is crazy because I am terrified of being stung! TJ, thanks for being open to trying everything; that made the session so relaxed and fun. Your son is such a cutie and he’s so good in front of the camera! When I told him to pick a parent and he chose “mom”, my heart melted! It was so sweet! Thanks so much for being amazing people and for being our friends! I hope that you love these photos as much as I do!


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