Romantic Couples Session in Sandy Beach Park, Honolulu

Lilly and Donny share twin boys that are nearly 2 years old, they are both serving Active Duty in the Air Force, and are two of the most genuinely kind, fun, and in love people that I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. Meeting them was so incredible and photographing them was a dream! Several weeks ago, I decided that a great way to meet a few fellow photographers in the area would be to hold a styled photo session so we could meet, have fun, build our portfolios, and have the experience of being able to try some different techniques. This idea quickly came to fruition and turned into something so much more than anything that I could have ever expected. What I didn’t know then was that this fun idea that I had would turn into a huge blessing for a very deserving couple that had endured the horror of Hurricane Michael. They are so upbeat, fun, and happy that you’d never know that they had gone through something so scary or that this was their first ever photo session!

When I arrived at Sandy Beach Park, I pulled my red wagon full of goodies to the shade of a small tree and waited for the arrival of the sweet couple that we had chosen as our models for the styled session and OMG, when I saw Lilly walk up to me, I was floored by how incredibly beautiful she is! Like seriously, GORGEOUS! Donny is so sweet and you could immediately tell that these two have such a special love for each other and they’re just too cute and sweet together! I instantly knew that we were going to have the most perfect session! I’ve been wanting to take a client to Sandy Beach for a long time now and I really believe that it was perfect for these two! They were actually holding a surf competition when we first arrived and they were so just so happy to get their photos done that Donny even said he didn’t care about anyone else in the photos. It was like he only saw his wife and himself and that my friends, is the biggest compliment anyone could get, on a crowded beach, he only saw his beautiful wife.

Lilly and Donny,

I am thrilled to share these photos with you! I’m so blessed to have met you and so happy that I was able to bring joy into your lives with this experience. You guys were so easy and fun to photograph and your love for each other is so pure and beautiful that it literally had me on cloud 9 just to be able to capture it in these images! You two were so easy-going and I really appreciate your trust in following us into the ocean, onto the rocks, and through the myriad of poses that we put you in. I truly hope that you both enjoyed your session and your night off from chasing your adorable twins and that you love these photos! I wish you both all of the joy and laughter in life.


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