Fun & Sweet North Shore Family Photo Session

Miranda & Dylan are a sweet couple with 3 beautiful kids, a military career (he was actually her dental patient when they met!) LOL 🙂 , and a life in Hawaii. I think it’s safe to say that they are living their best lives! It was so fun to photograph them and I was able to really capture their love for each other which makes me feel like I accomplished my mission and the sky lit up in the most perfect shades of pink right around sunset which made me swoon!

The Burtons are a family after my own heart, we love all of the same things!

Movies – Yes

Beach- Oh yeah

Hikes- It depends (I don’t do anything other than sunrise sessions!) Ha! 🙂

Movies- Our favorite

Travel – Count us in!

The only difference is that they like Jeep’in and only Rafael likes that in our family. The rest of us get motion sickness! 🙁

Miranda & Dylan,

I loved meeting you guys and your family! Spending the evening documenting your sweet family was amazing and I truly hope that you love these images as much as I do! Your kids were so funny and don’t worry, eventually, all of the boys end up in the water! LOL! I hope you all the best and thank you for trusting me with your memories!











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