Perfect Rainy Day Couples Session. Kailua, Oahu, HI, Kathy, Josh and their 3 pups

It was one of those afternoons in Hawaii where, because it’s “winter”, it rains…a lot. I was nervous because I was extremely excited for this photo session with Kathy and Josh so I prayed that the rain would clear up, “even just for 35 minutes!” and we headed to our location. It was one of those serendipitous events that you cannot ever plan for and turn out more perfect than what you ever expected! 


Our original plan was to head over to a gorgeous garden that I’ve photographed a few times before. Unbeknownst to me however, they have a strict no-dog policy (which was surprising because I’m pretty sure we’ve brought Abby) and never noticed! This actually worked out perfectly however because we went on a little adventure and found the most gorgeous location that not only had mountains, but was also open and isolated enough to let the pups, Lylah, Molly, and Nemo run and play without causing any trouble! I think that the pups and their parents Kathy and Josh were all relieved to be somewhere with so much freedom and a light drizzle of rain (better than a downpour!). What really gets me is that these stunning images were taken at a time when many clients would’ve rescheduled. However, given that Kathy and Josh were moving in 2 days and that they trusted me (crucial!), I was able to help them create some of the best images ever! 


Kathy and Josh,

   I cannot believe that we didn’t mean sooner! You two are just so amazing and sweet and working with you was a sheer delight! I am completely enamored with these photos and cannot believe how perfect the weather turned out! Thanks so much for being so easy to move from one location to another and trusting me to find a new location at the last minute! Congratulations on all of your upcoming adventures and new home and I wish you nothing but the best!



Hawaiian Farewell-023.jpg

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Hawaiian Farewell-001.jpg

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Hawaiian Farewell-013.jpg

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