Joyful San Clemente Beachfront Family Photo Session. Ruiz Family

This beachfront family photo Session is the reason i’ll ever stop photographing families. There, I said it. Believe it or not, it is slightly controversial for photographers to not niche down to the point where they’re EITHER wedding photographers OR family photographers but I cannot help it.

I LOVE family sessions. I LOVE intimate weddings and elopements. I love celebrating everything from first birthdays to High School Seniors to 50th anniversaries. They are the most beautiful expressions of love and I am absolutely in love with my job when I get sweet and fun families like my stunning friend Stacy, her kind husband, and their beautiful baby girl Olivia.

Why do I love this beachfront family photo session so much?

Family is what life is all about to me. A session by the beach is the pinnacle of perfection for this coastal photographer and i’m delighted to play a small part in capturing memories for mommas in love with their husbands and babies, husbands that could pinch themselves because they’re so lucky to have found their loves and create beautiful families with, and kids that are so blessed to be growing up surrounded with all the love, support, and joy that their little hearts could ever desire. Honestly, there’s nothing more precious than a new baby and understanding how important a family session is, I think i’ll photograph them until I can no longer hold a camera!

Now, on to our magical family that has reminded us all what beautiful love feels like!

mom and dad with daughter

Meet Stacy:

Talented photographer, Marine wife, momma to Olivia, sweetest and most warm person you’ll meet.

When we met…

I just knew she felt like a forever friend. She was expecting her first baby, we both loved tacos, and were both trained photographers. MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! Am I right? However, I had no idea when we met for lunch that day that she’d become someone I could truly confide in. It was a blessing. Stacy is the kind of person that is so full of light and love that she radiates the warmth of a sunny day on a beach in Southern California.

baby girl first christmas
family of three beachfront family photo Session
mother and daughter beachfront family photo Session
mother and daughter beachfront photo Session

“And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!”

Shiraz Paracha
baby poses beachfront family photo Session
laughing family photo silly dad
I absolutely love how fun and silly families can be together. Can you spot the difference in these two photos? (Hint: Dad)
father and daughter
beachfront san clemente

It was such a privilege and honor (and okay, I was super nervous because you guys…this woman is TALENTED) when she asked me to take their first ever family photos! When we talked about this beachfront family photo session, I may have gotten more excited than I could express just because I knew this was special for her and after knowing her for months, I had also never met her husband and due to my Summer schedule, also hadn’t had the honor of meeting baby Olivia.

christmas card photo session
mommy photo

Ready to book your beachfront family photo session?

sandy baby feet beachfront
beachfront family photo Session

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  1. Stacy says:

    Well now I’m crying! Happy tears! You’re so sweet! Definitely a perfect match! Thank you for these beautiful photos. They will always be my favorite ?

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