Destination Hawaii. Maternity and Family Photos.

I remember it like it was yesterday…the sand, the salt water, the freedom! Yes, life pre-quarantine was so much fun! I do miss a lot about it, the beach, my clients, outdoor photography, and sending my 3 oldest loves off to school so that I could stick to my little routine of editing and frantically working on trying to “catch up” on all the things. So, back to when I had the pre-quarantine freedom to meet with incredible clients at gorgeous locations, I met Karen, Rey, and Rey Jr. on a gorgeously overcast and breezy day which was perfect for a photo session! Although, those days are gone for now, and have been replaced by a completely different “schedule” that has caused stressed to everyone, especially expecting mamas like Karen, it’s also provided most of us with a precious gift. The gift of time.

I read 168 hours last year and it completely changed my perspective on time. Since then, I’ve chosen to fully take responsibility for my time. As a wife to an active-duty Marine, mother of 4, small-business owner, and woman with goals and dreams to spare, saying that I’m busy may be a bit of an understatement but I don’t think I ever feel like I’m “too busy” because I get to choose what I do with my time. Now, I used to just have a career, 1 child, and small apartment and never realized how much more I could’ve been doing because I wasn’t aware of time the way I am now. When I was working full-time, I wish I could’ve had the information that was in this book to really give me the freedom of knowing how to use my time in the most effective way possible. It’s taught me to say, “I choose to do this” instead of “I don’t have time to do that” and it’s been incredibly liberating for me in the long run. The family pictured below is a family that definitely understands that, they choose to spend time together. They chose to take a trip to Hawai’i and they chose celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new family member. I was so honored to photograph this memory for them and help them preserve this time for years to come.

This super-sweet family came from San Francisco to enjoy the warm weather, soft sand, and beautiful ocean on their baby-moon here in Hawaii. They actually got married here and have family that lives here so it’s an incredibly special place for them and coming back while expecting their next little one was so incredible for them. I truly hope I get to photograph their family of 4 once i’m in San Francisco and I cannot wait to see their newest little addition!

Karen and Rey,

I’m so excited for you two and am so excited to see pictures of your sweet little baby! Thank you so much for being incredibly kind and I’m so happy that you guys enjoyed your experience and we had such pretty photo weather! It was such an honor to photograph you two in a place that you love, with the people you love, while expecting a new member to your family! I know it’s such a blessing to be in the place where you first became husband and wife. I know that Rey Jr. was a little confused when he fell asleep in the car and woke up at the beach but he truly did such a great job and is such a cutie that you cannot even tell how tired he was 🙂 Congratulations again and i’ll be sending all the good thoughts your way!



Hawaii Trip-013.jpg

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