Fripp Island Family Session. James Family

Fripp Island, SC is one of the prettiest places you’ll ever see. This sweet family was a total gem to work with and their photos left me ecstatic! They even gifted me with a “Haven Strong” bracelet and some hand collected sea shells as parting gifts!

One of the reasons that the James family chose to stay at the Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort is because it’s become a Summer family tradition for them. They’ve been staying at the same Airbnb for so many years that the owners just know what two weeks to reserve especially for the James Family! It’s really sweet that they’ve cultivated this tradition of driving down from Indiana every year to really take a pause from life and enjoy some Fripp Island living with their girls.

Tim and Laura have their hands full. They work a lot, running 2 businesses and raising 3 girls but I admire that they manage it all with so much grace and love. They ensure to take time for pure family bonding every year and their kids are confident, happy, and full of life. It’s always a blessing to see families like these. The fact that they have almost a “second home” to go to every year when they book their annual Fripp Island stay truly inspires me to make more memories with my kids too. I just can’t say enough about how beautiful this area is between the beaches, cozy homes, local deer that roam freely in the community, and all golf carts roaming through the streets. It’s truly a calming and soothing place to spend a few sun-drenched weeks of the Summer.

Tim and Laura,

Meeting your family was truly a blessing. I’m so happy that you loved your images and I truly look forward to working with you again next Summer, and every Summer that you come out to South Carolina! Your girls are so sweet and yes, I still have the seashells they gave me. They’re sitting in a jar on my desk as a gentle reminder of how lucky I am to do the work I do. I pray that Haven stays healthy and well and her sweet bracelet is a reminder of how precious life is. I wish you all the absolute best and am truly thankful for the opportunity to have met and served your sweet family!

Your friend,


Fripp_Island Family Photographer


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