Beachside Sunset Maternity Session


I need to make sure that you are doing the following before proceeding:

1: Sit down (your knees may get wobbly)

2: Have one hand available to either reach for your heart or click on the “Contact” form on this website

3: Be prepared for the internet to break! LOL!

Okay, all joking aside, Chey, Iowa, and baby Saige are a family that’s beyond GORGEOUS! They are incredible sweet and luckily, Chey’s momma came to the shoot to help with Saige and she’s such a sweet grandma! Aside from being super sweet, her mom was so, so, SO helpful because friends, I have a bit of shocking news…I know that you cannot tell by looking at these jaw-dropping images but…Saige was NOT a fan of the camera. To the extent that she cried every time I put it in front of my face! LOL! I’m so thankful that between my toddler tunes, her parents bringing little snacks, and grandma bringing a balloon and playing with her, we were able to all work together, have fun, and create beautiful, timeless, photos.

Alright, before we go any further, can I just say how STUNNING this momma to be is? When I initiated my Mother’s Day giveaway, I wasn’t sure who was going to win and how it would all come together. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find a perfect location and I was hoping that the applicants would love my photography style and have a sweet and kind heart. Well friends, Chey was the winner and it came together PERFECTLY! Not only is her family so obviously gorgeous, they’re also incredibly kind, fun, and warm. I kind of feel like I won too! 🙂 Wouldn’t you agree?

Chey and Iopa,

You guys have the most sweet and beautiful family! It was such an incredible pleasure to meet, photograph, and laugh with you. I think that this may be the most epically gorgeous session ever! I think the internet is going to break from how perfect these photos are! LOL! Your baby girl Saige is just too cute for words and I just know that her baby sister will be just as cute and sweet! I’m wishing you all of the best and I hope to have the privilege of serving your family again.


Cheyenne & Iopa-18.jpg

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Cheyenne & Iopa-1.jpg

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Cheyenne & Iopa-55.jpg

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Cheyenne & Iopa-67.jpg

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Cheyenne & Iopa-11.jpg

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Cheyenne & Iopa-20.jpg

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