Hawaiian Honeymoon. Larry and Katherine

“You’re going to LOVE HER! She’s so awesome and literally the sweetest person ever!” Those are the first things that my sister told me about Katherine. Well friends, she truly is utterly incredible and I am SO HAPPY to have met her and have such an amazing new friend! She’s brilliant, kind (okay, I think that may be an understatement…she’s the absolute sweetest person ever) and has amazing conversational skills which is definitely an important factor of friendships because it can be so hard to find people to talk to! LOL! She works for a department in the government that helps children all around the world, specifically with early childhood education and literacy skills. How amazing is that? Okay, now that you know my new BFF, let’s back up a bit and tell the story of how we met!

I actually met Larry 12 years ago when I was pregnant with Aidan. I had just checked into a new unit and he was my Sergeant. One of our oldest memories that he likes to share about me is that I (while pregnant) cried over my lunch because my burger had ketchup on it and I just couldn’t eat it! I couldn’t get a different burger at the time and was just devastated about the whole thing. With absolutely zero empathy, Larry immediately asked, “So…are you gonna eat that?” This my friends, was a sign that we would become friends! LOL! In all fairness though, with the exception of the burger incident which he deemed utterly ridiculous, he’s always been a great friend! He was a really good friend of Rafael’s as well and they are always so supportive of each others careers, family, and other guys stuff! Essentially, he’s been family for over a decade! Our kids call him, “uncle Larry” and as a newly promoted Master Sergeant with the most epically amazing wife ever, he’s basically on cloud 9! There are no words to convey how utterly thrilled we all are for him! That’s why, when they came to Hawaii, I was beyond excited to photograph them and it was too much fun and their photos are so special.

Larry and Katherine,

I absolutely adore you both and I cannot wait to hang out with you in California! Thanks for getting all dressed up and allowing me to photograph you guys! You two were made for each other and I’m so happy to have been able to bear witness to your love, laughter, and joy. I hope you enjoy these photos and Katherine, you’re the best!!!! Larry, you’re okay too! LOL! In all honesty, you are two of my favorite people and it makes my heart so happy to see you guys together!


Larry and Katherine-015.jpg

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