Looking for Fantastic Photographers in Beaufort? Well hello there :)

Looking for Photographers in Beaufort?

Well, your search is over my soon-to-be buddy and muse!

I know that finding a great photographer can be difficult. Someone that has the vision for a beautiful session, patience and laughter for the little ones, grace for the stressed out mom and dad, and most of all, someone who will make you feel at ease. I get it because I’ve been there too.

When you search “photographers in Beaufort”, you’re not just looking for someone to show up with a “nice camera”, snap some shots real quick, and then leave you in the dust with “okay” photos and no real, discernible memories.

Not you! You’re trying to find the RIGHT FIT for you and those you love. Believe it or not, what pops up when you search: photographer in Beaufort (or anywhere else for that matter) is actually the most important part of the entire process.

You see, as a veteran, mom of four rambunctious kiddos, and big time believer in chasing down your wildest dreams, I know that documenting the beautiful celebration known as “Life” is so important to us.

And no, I don’t just mean “happy snaps” as my Photography professor used to call cell phone shots taken just to show a happy moment, but rather, the intentional creation of joyful, celebratory images that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. The kind of photos that get hung up on your walls, sent as Christmas card, and put into albums and scrapbooks as proof that you indeed were, at that point in time, truly LIVING.

So, it’s great to meet you! I’m Jailyn and I’m here for you my friend!

Find me under the search of: photographers in Beaufort SC 🙂


photographers in beaufort, sc


Photographers in Beaufort: So much more than a quick Google search!

You want someone who does what I do, for your family, for your memories, for your wall art and albums! LOL 🙂

I’m all about capturing:

* who you are
* who you love
* the glow you have when you’re together

By hiring Jailyn Untalan Photography, you are choosing a Lowcountry wedding and family photographer skilled in capturing genuine moments of love in beautiful places.


photographers in beaufort, sc



So, curious to learn more?

Below is the official (and totally easy) Process for booking a session with your new hype girl and patient mama for those sweet kiddos you have.


If you are interested in working with me, let’s chat. I love meeting fellow free spirits!


We’re a match! Once your retainer fee is paid and the contract is signed, your date is booked and I’m officially unavailable to any other clients on that day.


Beautiful images come together as a result of styling and locations.

After you book your session, I will send over a style guide to help you choose your outfits.

I can also give you the deets on some pretty great locations in the LowCountry area for beautiful photos that fit your idea of “perfect”!


Today’s the day!

Let’s go on an adventure together. There will definitely be lots of laughter and we might even become best friends along the way.

All you have to do is bring snacks and water for the kids, a sweater or blanket if it’s chilly, and your best smile 🙂

I’ll take care of the rest.


Within 30 days of your session, i’ll share your gorgeous images with you via electronic gallery. From there, you can easily order your artwork through my digital store.

Then you can enjoy reflecting on your favorite moments with your favorite people for a lifetime.


Let’s book a fantastic photo session!


Now that you know that photographers in Beaufort (and elsewhere) provide a service so much more valuable than merely “showing up with a nice camera”, I hope you see how much love and dedication goes into creating your special photos. Because your memories truly MATTER.


photographers in beaufort, sc


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You will feel comfortable, loved, and celebrated for who you are.

That’s my promise to you.

So remember: When looking for photographers in Beaufort (or anywhere in the Low Country), I’ll be here.

Let’s work together friend!

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