Beachside Romantic Boudoir Session

A Romantic Boudoir Session in by the beach is the absolute best wedding or anniversary (or any-reason-possible-gift) that you could get for your soon-to-be spouse! But more importantly, They’re also the perfect gift to get YOURSELF! Whether you’re feeling down or celebrating a huge event, a romantic boudoir session is the best way to highlight that glow you have within and to shine a beautiful light on your inner bombshell! 

Interested but have questions?

Well, thankfully, i’m here to chat and luckily, boudoir sessions have come a long way from he leather and dark lighting of days past and can now be romantic, joyful, and beautiful sessions that demonstrate your beauty and fiery spirit with soft and high-end images. 

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking into a bombshell boudoir session, you’re likely a woman that’s full of life, laughter, and joy, it makes total sense that the dark and overtly indiscreet boudoir sessions that you may have seen online are not for you. You don’t want to be a mere object because you, you alone are a whole person, full of ideas, dreams, and drive. You’re not looking to fit into the “status quo” you’re looking to stand out for who you are and how far you’ve come in this big beautiful world. 

That’s why I’ve taken this approach to boudoir. Working with me, your fiery spirit, sense of humor, and love for life will be what I photograph. Because I know that you’re not here to fit into a perfect little mold. NO! You’re here to shatter the mold, blaze your own trails, and color outside the lines! Being a star doesn’t mean you have to be a mere object which is why I photograph women who are confident, radiant, and so much fun. Women who have their own stories to tell and i’ll show you that you can be just as comfortable in front of the spotlight as you are at home curled up with a good book.


Beaufort Boudoir


“The world is terrified of joyful women. Make a stand. Be one anyway.” -Marianne Williamson


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Want to know what’s included in your session fee? 

1. A phone consult to discuss location, styling, hair and make-up, and an overall concept.

2. A prep guide full of tips and information to make your session a breeze.

3. Another phone consult to discuss any additional questions regarding styling and concept and to confirm everything.

4. Time and talent of your new hype girl and friend to ensure you have a great time and look like the stunning queen you are! There may even be a little gift for you to say thanks for booking with me! 🙂 

5. Ordering appointment complete with a few surprises!



So, now that you see how beautiful and fun a romantic boudoir session on the beach is, are you wondering what the process is? 

Step One: Reach out to your new hype girl and friend! (that would be me!)

Step Two: Sign your contract and we’ll pick your date!

Step Three: We’ll start working on a “vision” for your beautiful bombshell session! This includes a talk about location, styling, hair and make-up, and an overall concept. I’ll be there with you to make sure you look and feel great!

Step Four: It’s your session day! Time to relax and have a beautiful and glam day!

Step Five: Your ordering appointment complete with a glass of champagne, snacks, and a ton of excitement over seeing yourself as the bombshell you already are!



“If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind.”     ― Todd Stocker


Beaufort Romantic Boudoir



As you can imagine, dates are limited so reach out to book your session today! I typically book months in advance and am able to take pre-payment plans so even if you need a Christmas session, it’s never to early to get on my calendar!


Ready to book your soft and romantic boudoir session?

Click here to schedule a time to chat! I’ll reach out asap 🙂 Within 48 hours for sure!


Whether romantic bridal themed boudoir session or just for fun, I’m your girl!




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