The ultimate guide to choosing a portrait location

When my clients book a session with me, one of the very first things that comes to mind is, location. After all, it’s one of the biggest reasons many people book photo sessions in both California and Hawai’i. It’s also one of the things that I love to highlight in my photos. I was talking to a fellow business owner recently and he mentioned that the connection with nature is so visible in my images. That was a huge compliment because I adore nature and striking the right balance of subject focused (people) and environmental focused (locations) is something that I pride myself on and work hard to achieve.

Whether you’re looking for a beach, mountains, flower fields, a waterfall, a city, or even your own home, the possibilities are endless. For me, this is always the most exciting part because where you choose to have your photos taken is going to determine your overall aesthetic and how your photos feel. Even beaches feel different from one to the next.

This is why, after you book your session with me, I always send a questionnaire to learn more about you and your needs. After I get it back, I use your answers to come up with a list of locations I think would work best for your session. This premium service will assist you because it cuts a lot of the stress down in choosing a location and provides you with a curated list of gorgeous options. Another reason that this is fun is because not only do I have a few favorite spots, I also love discovering new places and capturing unique images just for you.

Now, this is where it gets so exciting, I can always find such different photo opportunities regardless of the location you choose! Below you’ll find how I work with a location to maximize the number and types of images that you’ll receive. All of these were photographed during one session and in one location but the variety is what I love!


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