Hawaiian Elopement. Jaycob and Holly

Jaycob and Holly are the kind of people that you just fall in love with as soon as you meet them! Not only are they incredibly sweet and obviously joyful, the way that Jaycob loves Holly will make anyone melt! All of the fellow photographers there this day all unanimously decided that they need an award for “best couple”! LOL! We were just literally falling over ourselves with these two! Not only that but Jaycob is a photographer as well and can definitely speak my language! During the photos he was told to “kiss her” and replied with, “kiss, kiss or kiss/no kiss” which made me die a little bit of joy! For those of you that aren’t photographers, please allow me to explain 🙂 Some of the best photos come from that moment JUST BEFORE a couple kisses. Those precious milliseconds before a couples lips actually touch are like MAGIC! The love, longing, and tenderness are all right there and my new friend Jaycob and his stunning girlfriend Holly KNOW THAT! (For proof, please review the below images and see the “Kiss/No Kiss” in action).

Moving on from the obvious infatuation I have with how these two love each other, I want to thank my beautiful friend Amari who styled Holly’s gown and literally found the PERFECT gown for this sweet couple! I just think her eye is incredible and she can just feel what works on different people. This gown looks like it was made for Holly! The bouquet from my beautiful friend Rachel of ‘The Garden Collective’ was the perfect accompaniment to this sweet elopement styled shoot. Again, I just can’t deal with how perfect and sweet this couple is!

Holly and Jaycob,

I think it was pretty clear from the time we were all together that everyone there that day, including myself is just in love with you two! LOL! You guys are just the sweetest and it was such a privilege to photograph you guys! Meeting you guys was such an amazing experience with your warmth, kindness, and the clear joy and love you have for each other. Thank you so much for your time, kindness, and letting me bear witness to your love! I wish you so many beautiful days ahead!

Your friend,



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If you’re planning a Hawaiian elopement, check out these amazing vendors!

Event Coordinator and Styling: @dreamithawaii

Venue: @alohiestate

Flowers: @thegardencollectivehi

Gowns and accessories: @eleanorsbridal

Makeup: @jovanmoniqueartistry

Stationary: @revolutionpaperco

Cake: @_sakata_sweets_hi

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