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Modern Jewish Wedding Customs are BREATHTAKING! This was my first Jewish wedding ever and oh my goodness, it was absolutely gorgeous! I felt so honored just to bear witness to this union. It was definitely a special day marked with lovely Jewish wedding traditions and rituals.  One of the traditions of a Jewish wedding ceremony […]

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modern jewish wedding ceremony

Modern Jewish Wedding Ceremony in the LowCountry

Have you ever had one of those moments that felt like a dream? This luxurious Alaska Elopement was definitely straight out of an adventure fairy tale!

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alaska elopement photographer

Luxury Alaska Elopement with Helicopter. Part 1

What is a military wedding? Well if you’re picturing anything other than a ton of laughter, dancing, and swords, you’re mistaken!

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Marine Wedding

Fun-Loving Military Wedding in Southern California Full of Love and Laughter.

Marriott wedding in the desert at the stunning Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes.

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Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes

Jaw-Dropping Arizona Venue Spotlight: Marriott Wedding in Phoenix

Wouldn’t it be great to have a short list of must-have things to remember when wedding planning? I’ve got a list of my top ten tips!

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wedding planning

10 Wedding Planning Tips. Surprising Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Rocks

Looking to create a meaningful wedding ceremony during your elopement? Well, read on friend because I’ve got 3 tips to help you create a romantic and thoughtful ceremony. The best part? As dreamy as this Desert Elopement is, these three tips can be used anywhere!   3 Tips to a Romantic Desert Elopement   1. […]

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3 Tips to a Dreamy Sedona Desert Elopement

Romantic luxury elopement at Sunset Ranch in Oahu. Jailyn Untalan Photography. Destination and Adventure Travel Photographer for Weddings, Elopements, and more!

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sunset ranch elopement

Sunset Ranch Romantic Luxury Elopement. Rebekah and Tyler.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Their laughter and the amount of fun that Melissa and Paul had were just the biggest joy and I feel so privileged to bear witness to their story. It was like watching a movie where the lead actors were best friends and destined to be together and I just can’t believe that I’m so lucky to meet such kind and incredible people that truly make my job a huge blessing.

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Joyful Waterfront Luxury Wedding

Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer for adventurers, explorers, and dreamers. Jailyn Untalan Photography

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Bridal Floral Headpieces

3 Luxury Summer Brides with Floral Headpieces

Jaycob and Holly are the kind of people that you just fall in love with as soon as you meet them! Not only are they incredibly sweet and obviously joyful, the way that Jaycob loves Holly will make anyone melt! All of the fellow photographers there this day all unanimously decided that they need an […]

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Hawaiian Elopement. Jaycob and Holly