3 Tips to a Dreamy Sedona Desert Elopement

Looking to create a meaningful wedding ceremony during your elopement?

Well, read on friend because I’ve got 3 tips to help you create a romantic and thoughtful ceremony.

The best part? As dreamy as this Desert Elopement is, these three tips can be used anywhere!


3 Tips to a Romantic Desert Elopement


1. Remember the Weather

How’s that for romance? I know, I know, it doesn’t sound romantic but it actually preserves the experience. It can be extremely warm or cold in the desert which will affect how you feel. It’s important to keep that in mind when choosing a location and date because you know what’s not romantic? Heat exhaustion or frostbite! Yikes!

Fun fact: When we’re working to plan your elopement (whether in the desert, by the sea, or anywhere in between) we’ll take into account the season and temperature! That will determine what protective layers or items need to be included in the packing list. It’s always easy to hike up in seasonally appropriate clothing and change just before the ceremony. You get dream photos, a fun experience, and feel comfortable.

2. Embrace color

A big reason that couples choose to elope is that they want their wedding ceremony to focus on them, their uniqueness and individuality. Cookie-cutter is fine for some people but you want a day that is memorable and packs a punch of authenticity.

Choosing a statement piece (like a colorful suit or turquoise jewelry) is a beautiful way to infuse your personal aesthetic in an elegant way. Other ways include a colorful wedding gown, a bold shoe choice, statement accessories (like bridal florals in your hair). Whatever you choose, don’t feel like you have to go the black and white route to appease anyone (however, if it’s what YOU want, THEN, let’s do it)!

3. Include a surprise guest!

Okay friend, this couple had a burro as a guest which was kind of AMAZING! There are even selfies of the Donkey and the photographer so I’d call this a win! I’ve also seen horses, dogs, and birds (yes, like actual parrot type family pet birds).

Please note: Always let your photographer know about your animal friends/guests, it’s definitely something that requires mental and physical preparation! haha!

Well friend, I look forward to serving you in the future, whether it’s in the desert, mountains, a beautiful and historic building, a parking lot, or by the sea, i’m here to ensure that however you choose to celebrate is full of beauty, love, and joy.


Bonus Tip!

So, who doesn’t want to have the most gorgeous Desert Elopement?!

The best part is that I would love to help you plan your beautiful desert elopement and would travel anywhere that you dream of! I’ve photographed couples everywhere from Alaska to Hawaii, Arizona and California! I love to travel for work so if you’ve got an idea for somewhere outside of South Carolina and Georgia, don’t worry at all! I’d be happy to tag along and preserve your celebration with you.

Included with an elopement package is a free consult to ensure we’re a good fit as well as a free timeline planning consult to ensure I curate a great timeline for your big day! 





desert elopement with burro in Sedona
desert elopement in Sedona
sunset in Sedona elopement
couple with burro at wedding
wedding couple with wedding burro
flowers and couple in destination elopement ceremony
bride and groom in Sedona mountains
saying vows in intimate wedding ceremony
after saying vows, couple celebrating
destination elopement in the mountains of sedona
saying vows in intimate wedding ceremony desert in Sedona destination elopement

Romantic Desert Elopement


Jailyn Untalan is a travel, adventure, and destination photographer for the dreamers, explorers, and trailblazers of the world. Focused on genuine love stories for couples who never want to miss out on the ‘joie de vivre.’

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Talk soon!


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