Joyful Waterfront Luxury Wedding

It wasn’t until a little while into the photo session that I found out that my hilarious and talented friend Leslie had supplied the sweet and oh-so-gorgeous Melissa with a glass (or two) of bubbly which had her giggling and relaxed with her husband for the entire evening! It was truly a fun, relaxed, and luxurious experience for all of us as we spent the evening with Bubbles and Brews Oahu at the Alohi Estate in Kaneohe Bay.

Melissa and Paul are not only an incredibly sweet couple but they’re also clearly still crushing on each other and it was incredible to experience such warmth, joy, and love between them.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Their laughter and the amount of fun that Melissa and Paul had were just the biggest joy and I feel so privileged to bear witness to their story. It was like watching a movie where the lead actors were best friends and destined to be together and I just can’t believe that I’m so lucky to meet such kind and incredible people that truly make my job a huge blessing.

Melissa and Paul,

Congratulations on your joyful marriage and beautiful relationship. It was such an honor to spend the afternoon with you two, laughing, photographing, and talking to you was a blessing and I truly was so excited to meet and work with you guys.




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This stunning wedding shoot was made possible by the following vendors:

Alohi Estate

DreamIt Hawaii

Bubbles and Brews Oahu

Eleanors Bridal

The Party Store Hawaii

Jovan Monique Artistry

Pacific Party Rentals

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